October 11, 2012

Flying Sauceria

Nothing is more beautiful than natural beauty. The same applies to food. Nothing is more palatable than a food made from natural ingredients.

Drawing inspiration from many of the world's great cuisines, Sauceria only use ingredients as close to natural as possible. This artisan philosophy resulted in dishes with no MSG, preservatives, or commercial additives and a very low chemical profile.

Black grape and strawberry yogurt smoothies

Tuna tataki

Char siu tonkatsu ramen

Ampalaya and salted egg pizza

Suman supreme with mango balls

If you think they only serve strange pizza, well for me their suman was a revelation.

25 Boni Serrano Ave. (formerly Santolan)
cor. Sunrise Dr., Brgy. Crame, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 584-396
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