April 4, 2011

Love and Public Policy

"Every great love story must come to an end."
- Sheena

"Sometimes, every great love story must come to a pause."
- Pia

Abra de Ilog port

Rep. Cortuna's mango orchard

Nueva Villa Farm Resort

Tayamaan Beach

Vista del Mare Beach Resort

Alastre Beach Resort

The semester is now over.

Thank you Sir Ebie for being a good and approachable mentor, and Rep. Cortuna for graciously hosting the class outing in Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro. I enjoyed touring the mango orchard; beach bumming in Alastre, Tayamaan and Vista del Mare; lazing in Nueva Villa; pig-eating seafood, bulalo, sinigang and lechon; listening to Sheena’s jokes and witty banters, Russell’s crazy big bang theories, Ponyong and Nicole’s Inglesan catfight, and the stories of my other classmates (Pauline, Patrick, Ate Giselle, Ate Norms, Kareen, Macel, Gelo, Janine) and Ate Becky; and sintonado musical singing with Pia and Nicole all the way from Batangas to Manila. How in the light of one night, did we come so far?

Inevitably, every good class must come to an end.

(Sad as it may be) Goodbye 241.

Hello summer.
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