September 12, 2010

I Eat, I Pray and I Love at Marian Orchard

Life is a journey you start and end alone. There are journeys where someone will be with you and guide you, and there are those you had to solitarily take on your own.

In time, you want to get away from all your tribulation or take a respite from your daily tedious routine, there's one place which comes as close to heaven.

Marian Orchard in Malabanan, Balete, Batangas, a two to three hour ride away for commuters coming from Manila, offers pilgrims and lost souls a spiritual maze where no one is bound to get lost. The rule is simple – find your true self.

Pay respect to Christ the Redeemer. Visit all the stations of the cross. Meditate at the Garden of the Divine Will. Take a walk leading to the Tower of Mary, and let the wind take away all the anger, frustrations and pain from your heart. And once you find your inner peace, try to listen because in silence, God speaks.

At Marian Orchard, be one with nature, be one with God.
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